Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Setting up DB2 for Portal on ubuntu 9.10 karmic

Thought it may be a good idea to jot down the steps you need to set up DB2 for Portal.

Install Portal and check it works corretly (I installed
Next install DB2 as a standalone

now edit the following files for database access

Next, run the following ConfigEngine commands
sudo / create-database
sudo / setup-database
sudo / validate-database-driver
sudo / validate-database-connection
and the big one (it took 1 hour on my 320GB laptop hard drive and 11.5 mins with my 256GB SSD drive):
sudo / database-transfer

After you have finished, you must do a reorg on the newly created databases

My database names were:
For each database, connect first as the instance owner:

db2 connect to {database} user {db admin user} using {db admin password}
db2 reorgchk update statistics on table all > {database}.out

Now check {database}.out for each line with an asterisk, note the table name and then run:
db2 reorg table {tablename}

To finish off:
db2 terminate
db2rbind {database name} -l db2rbind.out -u {db admin user} -p {db admin password}

Ensure you do this for all the Portal databases. Then start portal.

Portal will now use DB2 and you should see some major performance gains

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