Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Lotus Notes 8.5.1 with ubuntu 9.10 karmic 32 bit

With the 32 bit version of karmic giving me access to 3.9GB of RAM on my laptop, I ventured to install Lotus Notes 8.5.1.
Previously, there were issues attempting to run this 32 bit software on a the 64 bit version of ubuntu 9.04 but I was expecting a smooth install since I now had a 32 bit platform.
The installation went fine by following this:

Download Notes 8.5.1 debian version
Run each one - which automatically launched the installer
Next add some fonts to make it pretty

$ sudo apt-get install ttf-xfree86-nonfree

If you run Notes at this point you will get no joy whatsoever. You will also need to copy some gnome 2.7 files.
You can pick up the files from one of these places:

Copy them to the following folder:

Starting notes after copying these four files now works correctly - with the exception of sametime.
For some reason sametime only runs for about 47 seconds then detaches from the sametime server for about 47 seconds. This repeats annoyingly!

Shame but sametime works for Empathy - as long as it is the first IM service you set up, so you still have IM of sorts.


  1. Hi, did you dou something else? I do a fresh install of 9.10 Karmic, follow every step but nothing... if u can help me

  2. Hi Marcus

    Handy info just when I needed it. Just upgraded and it's been.....interesting.


  3. After this i have copy thes files. ( Then it works fine.

    Andreas from Germany

  4. Can you provide information on those additional files? I could not access the site listed (

  5. Hi Michael, not sure about the files since I never used them. Are you running 64 bit or 32 bit 9.10?

  6. This worked perfectly for me, thanks for the information.

  7. if you fresh install you must install
    libgnomeprint2.2-0 and libgnomeprintui2.2-0 at begining