Friday, 22 July 2011

Doctor Who Pewter chess from Danbury mint

I really wanted a single source somewhere on the internet that lists the complete Danbury Mint Doctor Who chess pieces. Could not find it - so I compiled my own. As follows.

There are 66 pieces in the entire collection
38 pieces in the original set (with presentation box that doubles as a board)
24 pieces in the expansion set
4 pieces in the 1990 Movie Expansion set
Expansion set had their own storage option of a small display cabinet in the shape of the Tardis.

Pieces as follow:

01. Red King - William Hartnell as The Doctor
02. Red King - Patrick Troughton as The Doctor
03. Red King - Jon Pertwee as The Doctor
04. Red King - Tom Baker as The Doctor
05. Red King - Peter Davidson as The Doctor
06. Red King - Colin Baker as The Doctor
07. Red King - Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor
08. Red Queen - Louise Jameson as Leela
09. Red Bishop - Kamelion (Robotic partner)
10. Red Bishop - Nicholas Courtney as The Brigadier (Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart)
11. Red Knight - Matthew Waterhouse as Audric
12. Red Knight - Frazer Hines as Jamie (Jamie McCrimmon)
13. - 14. Red Rook - The Tardis
15. - 22. Red Pawn - K9

23. Black King - Roger Delago as The Master
24. Black Queen - Kate O'Mara as Rani
25. Black Bishop - Cyberman
26. Black Bishop - Davros
27. Black Knight - Ice Warrior
28. Black Knight - Sea Devil
29. - 30. Black Rook - Sontaran
31. - 38. Black Pawn - Dalek

Next came the first expansion set comprising 24 pieces

39. Red Queen - Carole Anne Ford as Susan Foreman
40. Red Queen - Wendy Padbury as Zoe (Zoe Herriot)
41. Red Queen - Katy Manning as Jo Grant
42. Red Queen - Janet Fielding as Tegan (Tegan Jovanka)
43. Red Queen - Nicola Bryant as Peri (Perpugilliam Brown)
44. Red Queen - Sophie Aldred as Ace
45. Red Bishop - John Levene as Benton (Sergeant Benton)
46. Red Bishop - Castellan
47. Red Bishop - Alpha Centauri
48. Red Bishop - Richard Franklin as Captain Yates (Mike Yates)
49. Red Knight - Ian Marter as Harry Sullivan
50. Red Knight - Mark Strickson as Turlough (Vislor Turlough)
51. Black Bishop - Davros
52. Black Bishop - Omega
53. Black Bishop - Morbius
54. Black Bishop - Sharez Jek
55. Black Knight - Terileptil
56. Black Knight - Yeti
57. Black Knight - Silurian
58. Black Knight - Zygon
59. - 60. Black Rook - Robots of Death
61. - 62. Black Rook - The Masters Tardis (Grandfather clock)

Then came the 1990 Movie Expansion set with characters from the Doctor Who film. This set comprised four pieces as follows:

63. Red King - Paul McGann as The Doctor
64. Red Queen - Daphne Ashbrook as Grace (Dr Grace Holloway)
65. Red Knight - Yee Jee as Chang Lee
66. Black King - Eric Roberts as The Master

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

SQL30082N Security processing failed with reason "42" ("ROOT CAPABILITY REQUIRED"). SQLSTATE=08001

Strange one this. I had a VM Portal running on WAS and I wanted to get this to the latest fix packs. Firstly had to install WAS and the associated JVM.
Next I upgraded Portal to
Next I installed current CF for portal (CF14)
All was working as expected.
Next I installed CF49 for WCM. It did not install correctly so I had to uninstall.
After uninstalling, I could not connect correctly to DB2.
The problem returned was that in the title of this post.
In order to diagnose this, I initially attempted to use Portal ConfigEngine validate-database-connection. This gave no joy. Next I tried the db2 command prompt.
Sure enough the issue was at DB2 level since I could no longer login to any database.
Searching around gave the the answer:
My DB2 installation is a "non-root" install. Apparently Server authentication is not enabled during a non-root install.
So to fix this I simply needed to enable server authentication with:

$ su root
# cd /instance
# ./db2iudt

This seemed to do the trick and now Portal can connect to DB2 without issue.

Note that this only seemed to be in an issue after upgrading to , with a failed installation of a CF. Before that failure of the CF, all was well

Hope this saves someone some time.