Thursday, 17 September 2009

Getting rid of anonymous sessions when acccesing WCM content

Strange thing happened recently. A WCM system (6.1x) was being used (connect servlet access) by an application. We noticed that every time the application made a call for an item of content, a new Portal session was created. This had seriously bad consequences for the portal.

The solution was very easy since WAS can be tuned to run off (or on) anonymous sessions.

1. Open WAS admin console
2. Goto "Resources > Resource Environment Providers > WP_NavigatorService > Custom properties"
3. Add a new property named public.session with a value of false.

For related information take a look at:


Seems to be an issue with the previous version (5.1) too since I found this:

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Upgrading Portal on ubuntu 9.04 64 bit

I have been running my laptop with ubuntu 9.04 for some months now and am quite a fan. I do occassionaly get a hang when coming out of suspend but I can live with that. Another thing I decided to do was switch off Compiz Fusion (i.e. set visual effects to none) - principally because I didn't like the delay when maximising and restoring apps.
Since I run the 64 bit version of ubuntu I often get issues - especially when the app was written for a 32 bit linux host.
I have to use IBM WCM for demonstration purposes so decided to run a native version. This was quite a challenge but eventually got it all working.
Now has come the time to update the system to the latest version.
Firstly I updated WAS from to
This was done by first downloading and installing the special 64 bit update installer for linux:

This was unzipped into the "/update" folder. Running the ./UpdateInstaller/ from the /update folder simply installs the update installer. Which I installed to /UpdateInstaller

Next to download the fixpack itself. Again this was a special 64 bit version:


This, I placed into "/fixes folder

I ran the wizard as root from the /UpdateInstaller folder with

This process works fine!

So now onto the Portal Update...

Firstly I downloaded the Universal Portal updater for Portal 6.1:

Which was then unzipped to


Next I downloaded the fix pack itself:

This was unzipped to /update/fixes

I then ran the Portal update installer from /update
with the command:


The system seemed to complain initially but then proceded to do the update correctly.

BEWARE - this process takes a considerable time!

Also, you must remember to run the ConfigEngine task update-wcm afterwards.
Lastly ensure you read the update instructions since there are additional lines needed in the the wcm service properties file.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Changing import file size with WCM

You have to change the defaults in the WCM configuration file

For 5.1 this is in the file
See here for more information:

For 6.1 it is in file.
See here for more information