Wednesday, 5 December 2012

WCM multi-lingual solutions

IBM have a set of supported multi-lingual extensions for WCM7 and WCM8

You can read about them here:

For WCM 7.0

For WCM 8.0

JavaDocs for WCM API

I am forever looking for the IBM WCM API Javadocs so I thought I'd put this post up so I can quickly get to them when the need arises:

Javdocs for WCM API

Javdocs for WCM API

Javdocs for WCM API

Javdocs for WCM API

Not sure where the 7.x or 8.x Javadocs are located on the Internet....

Essential Sharepoint tools

These are some great FREE tools that every SharePoint developer should have at their disposal:

  1. Sharepoint Manager developd by Carsten Keutmann from here.  It gives you a visual perspective to the object model of Sharepoint allowing you to explore what properties are avaialble, hwo a site is structured and load of other stuff too.  There are three versions available depending on your installation 2007, 2010 and 2013.
  2. .NET Reflextor from here.  This tool allows you to see the source code of .NET code (i.e. SharePoint itself).  You load up Windows.Sharepoint.dll and you can see all sorts of stuff inside that file.
  3. WSPBuilder and Visual Studio Extensions for WSPBuilder from here.  This tool allows you to build your SharePoint solution as a feature and takes out loads of otherwise painful manual work in achieving this goal.

Flexible Sharepoint Forms layout system using jquery

Hats off to Alexander Bautz for his fabulous Dynamic Forms for Sharepoint system.

Using the out of the box standard Edit/Display/New aspx forms, his system overlays an offers a wealth of features including

Display rules
Tabbed form layout
Formatting rules
Field ordering
Read only field option on edit form

And so many other things you had better check it out yourself here

CAML builder tool

When developing SharePoint solutions, at some time you will no doubt need to write a CAML query.

This amazing tool can actually write it for you!

You can download the CAML builder here Amazing tool and thanks go to the author Jean Paul V.A

Reusing a StringBuffer over and over

I wanted to use a StringBuffer instead of a String in order to construct Debug messages in my C# code.

But how to use the same StringBuffer object over and over again within the same method?

The best solution I came up with is to set the length to 0 after use.  Then I can reuse the StringBuffer over and over again

As an example:

StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
log.Debug(sb.Append("Message here: " + var1 + ", " + var2 + "."));
log.Debug(sb.Append("Another message" + var 3 + ", " + var 4 + "."));

Maybe that helps someone.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Linking Meridian DSP loudspeakers (DIN)

I always forget how this stuff goes together so I thought I'd blog a diagram.  Secret here is that an S-Lead is taken from the Master via a slave to a patch panel.  The S-Lead being used to the patch panel does NOT have a signal in it since it is just used to transfer the control information out to the other speakers.
Note also that there is only ONE M-Lead in this setup