Thursday, 4 March 2010

Setting up WCM syndication in a cluster

If you need to set up WCM syndication in a cluster, bear in mind the following:
  • For all cluster members ensure that is changed so that the syndicator URL , the subscriber URL and the itemgatherer URL all point to the load balancer for the cluster.
  • From the WAS deployment manager, create a replication domain (Environment > Replication Domains) and ensure that Data Replication Services is set on for the cluster and set for push replication.
  • Ensure that cachespec.xml has the following embedded section to disable servlet cache for ?MOD operations:

<component id="MOD" type="parameter">
<not-value>M emberFixer</not-value>

  • Ensure that for the following WCM cache objects (Resources > Cache Instances > Object Cache instances) are DISABLED : abspath, absreverse, draft sumary, global, libparent, missed, module, processing, session, site, strategy, summary
  • Ensure that for the following WCM cache objects, are ENABLED (as Push): menu, navigator

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