Saturday, 13 March 2010

Installing ubuntu 9.10 karmic x64 onto a SSD

Now I know ubuntu karmic boots very fast (with promises of even faster boot times with 10.04), but on a laptop the major bottleneck is always the hard disk. If I could remove that then we will have a little flying machine that takes less battery and is more resistant to the occasionional knock.
The new crcuial solid state disks (SSD) now support SATA transfer rate of 6Bb/s in a 2.5 inch hard disk format. My laptop has a SATA 3Gb/s hardware interface and the new crcuial claims a read speed faster than that. It basically should mean that the bottleneck for my laptop is no longer the hard drive, but the hardware interfaces, processor and memory. The processor on my Lenovo T400 is an Intel Centrino 2 dual core 2.4GHz and I currently have 4GB of memory - although it can take 8GB (hmmm maybe a later upgrade that)
Installing ubuntu onto the SSD was unimaginably easy.
Pop in the drive,
Pop in the 9.10 desktop CD
Boot the laptop
Go through the wizard

The entire process to a working system took less than 15 minutes

Now the boot time.

After the bios stuff, ubuntu now starts up in 15 seconds. Am I happy or what?

Everything on my laptop works except the fingerprint reader - which I didn't like anyway.

Next was the update.
So I did the following
Adminstration > update manager
Click on "Check" and then enter your password to authorise the update manager to proceed.
There were 244 updates that needed download.

Download on my broardband took about 5 minutes

Installation took another 3 minutes

So in less than 30 minutes I had a brand new installed and updated laptop that will now boot in 15 seconds.


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