Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Dooya DT82TN - Inexpensive remote controlled curtains

Inexpensive remote controlled curtains

I have been looking at getting remote controlled electric curtains for my home automation system.  The Somfy range are inordinately expensive so I searched around and found a Chinese brand Dooya that appeared to do the job.

I noted that some others had successfully used Dooya before:
However, that installation needed a Z-Wave relay in order to bridge the gap between the curtain motor and the Z-Wave controller.

I wanted integration without the need for an additional relay so I chose to go for the DT82TN which is a DC motor and has a built in radio receiver that works on the 433MHz frequency.

I purchased my motor from the same source as the previously mentioned installer.  Scott Liu from "Friend Industry Holding Co., Ltd" was extremely helpful in ensuring I got all the correct bits.

I needed central opening mechanism, which means I get an extra carrier.  I also wanted wall mounts, which are not included as default.  Lastly I wanted additional rollers which Scott provided as part of the package of items.

The DT82TN motor is a DC motor and is incredibly quiet.  You can hardly notice that it is even on.  The motor comes with a built in transformer which accepts a C7 figure 8 type mains cable.  You get a cable shipped with the kit but it does not come with a plug.

My motor didn't come with instructions either but I found instructions on the internet and they were easy enough to follow.

The DT82TN motor also comes with a RJ10 socket.  This allows an external switch to be fitted.  This was my get out of jail free card if the radio system did not work since it can be connected to a z-wave relay.

Some warnings
1. You will need to pay import taxes on the item from China (about £22)
2. You will need a 27A 12V battery for the remote control handset

Other than that it works really smoothly.

Some features of this motor:
  • Soft start (allowing you to manually pull the curtain and the motor takes over)
  • Resistance stop (stops the motor if it senses an obstruction).  This is a safety feature but also is used to automatically stop the motor when it reaches the end of it's travel
  • Manual operation - when there is no mains power you can still pull the curtains manually
  • Built in radio control - 433MHz receiver built in.
  • Built in Transformer - you can plug this into both 240V and 110V supplies
  • Really quiet operation
I use the Zipato automation system and I am currently attempting to help Zipato provide direct support for this motor using their 433MHz module


  1. i have also installed the DT82TE... have you got any luck with the integration? Somfy actually owns dooya and their motors also have the RJ12 4 wire dry contact interface. Somfy has zeebee to dry contact interface module that I think will works onthe dooya motor

  2. Hi Marcus,

    Have you actually managed to integrate the Dooya DT82TN motors ? I amlooking at doing the same with 4 motors and my Vera-Lite but seem to be getting nowhere...


  3. Hi. May I know how to pair the motor with the remote control? Thanks

  4. Hi. May I know how to pair the motor with the remote control? Thanks

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