Monday, 2 November 2015

Getting a list of checked out documents from SharePoint online

SharePoint 2013 / SharePoint Online - List of your checked out documents

Seems to be a often asked but not often answered question.  For Office 365 you can see your checked out documents without creating any special views simply using the Content Type lists.

If you have an out of the box SharePoint 2013 or online  "Document Center" and have uploaded items of content type = "Document".  Then simply follow these steps:
  1. Select the "Documents" document library from the Quick Menu
  2. A tree view of the library will be shown on the Quick Menu under "Drop Off library".  It will sow "Folders" and "Content Type" options.
  3. Click on "Content Type" which expands to all content types being used.  Select a content type and a view will be shown of that content type.
  4. There is a column "Checked out To" in this view.  Simply Sort and filter on this column to see the items that are checked out to individuals.

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