Friday, 25 July 2014

Lotus Notes to Android without Traveller

I recently was working with a Sony Experia Z2 handset that was installed with Lotus Traveller software.

However, the user wanted a universal in box so that the Notes email came up along with other email accounts.

The Android in question supported ActiveSync servers and since Lotus Traveller is actually ActiveSync, we set up the Notes mail using that option in the normal Mail client.

So then we needed to remove Notes Traveller software

For some reason the "Uninstall" option was greyed out.

The reason for this is that Notes Traveller is actually set up as a Device Adminstrator.  So you have to deactiveate "Notes Traveller" as a Device Administrator first.

Got to Settings > Security > Device administrators and remove the Check box next to "IBM Notes Traveler Security"

With that setting disabled then go to
Settings > Apps > Downloaded.  Select "IBM Notes Traveler"  and now the "Force Close" and "Uninstall" options will be active


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