Monday, 25 February 2013

Getting a Blackberry Z10 working with IBM Notes

For everyone who wants to get a Blackberry Z10 working against IBM Lotus Notes/Domino.  

Firstly, you DO NOT need to have a BES 10 server for this to work - The BES 10 server is only for managing the devices.  If you manage your handset via BES10, then BES10 will take over all your Traveler policies overriding any Domino traveler policies (so beware).

What we did:
A - Infrastructure stuff
1. Install Domino 9.0 Social Edition (beta)
2. Install Traveler version 9 
(Some others have also had success on Lotus Traveler 8.5.3 on Domino 8.5.3)

B - Handset stuff
1. Open the "Setup" application on your blackberry z10
2. Under the "Get Connected" section there is an icon labelled "Accounts".  Tap this.
3. A menu at the bottom of the screen is shown.  Select the "Add Account" option
4. The "Add Account" screen is shown.  On the menu at the bottom of the screen tap the "Advanced" option
5. The "Advanced Setup" screen is shown.  Tap the option "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync"
6. The "Add Account" form is displayed.  Enter the following:

  • Description.  Whatever you type here will be seen on your Blackberry Hub
  • Leave the "Domain" field BLANK
  • In "Username" - enter your iNotes user name 
  • For "Email Address" enter you notes SMTP email address
  • For "Password" enter your iNotes password
  • In "Server Address" enter the public URL of your traveler server
  • In "Port", enter the port that traveler will use.  We configured "443" in our system
  • If using SSL then turn on the SSL option
  • If using a VPN then turn on the "Use VPN" option
  • Ensure that you turn on "Push"
  • Leave “Sync Timeframe set to 30 days”
  • At the top of the screen click the “Next" button
  • The handset will attempt to synchronise with your traveler server and you will get a message saying “Checking for support services and policy information.  Behind the scenes traveler will create a profile for you.
  • You may get some messages about https certificates.  If you do click “Continue” past those
  • At the next screen entitiled “Add Account” specify what things you want to syncrhonise (Sync Emai, Sync Contacts, Sync Calendar, Sync Tasks, Sync Memos) then on the top of the screen click the “Done” button
  • You will get the message “Saving and verifying your settings”.  Again you may get a Provider Identity Not Verifiable” message if there is an issue with https certificate again, click “Continue” 

You can now go to the Blackberry “Hub” and you will have an entry for your Lotus Notes mail.


  1. Wow !

    I have been searching for this since last 2 WEEKS..

    Thanks a ton.

  2. Worked once, can't get it to work again on others.
    RIM did a major update, did this change this?

  3. When I wrote this up, we did a test and found that the same handset could not be done twice without first removing the user (me) and my handset from the traveler database. Once that was done it worked OK a second time.

  4. Yep, I got it working on Notes Traveler Version:

    Thanks Marcus!

  5. Has anyone been able to accept an invite? I just get an error "the calendar could not reconize this meeting invatation"

  6. I actually have the same problem but don't have a fix for it yet. If I find one, I'll post....

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Does anyone know how to accept a invite yet for travelor for the z10?

  7. now the Domino 9 and Traveler 9 was released officially by IBM. anyone tried the "accept an invite", still there? thanks a million

  8. Thank you verry much Marcus. It works great with my Z10!


  9. Any idea how to get the Z10 to sync with my Lotus address book? Mail and calendar work perfectly.