Thursday, 13 January 2011

IBM Portal with IBM WCM multivariate and A/B testing support

Multivariate content management is becoming increasingly popular but the IBM Portal / IBM WCM platform does not support this natively.
To fill this gap InfoSys Ltd ( have developed an add-on WCM/Portal "accellerator" that delivers both multivariate and A/B testing capability to the platform.
The product is called Domisphere and significantly enhances usability, functionality and flexibility to Portal.
The multivariate capabilities allow multiple portal pages to be delivered on a single URL. The domisphere "Context Engine" is implemented as a portal servlet filter and can use plug-in rules to select different page variants. Meta data tags are added automatically so can be process by Web Analytics tools.
Bringing multivariate capability to IBM Portal / IBM WCM is just one of the many enhancements that Domisphere adds.
Some others are:
  • Draft portal pages that follow draft content.
  • Preview draft portal pages and multiple draft content items together
  • Facility to view draft items in WCM menus
  • A configurable custom workflow action toolkit that adds branching capabilites to WCM workflows
  • In context creation, editing and approval
  • UI tooling to enhance in context exprience
  • Site area grafting (allowing multiple site frameworks to appear as a single framework)
  • Automatic deployment of portal pages into production (no need for Portal admins to create pages for content items)
  • Full site navigation of portal controlled by WCM (no need for Portal admins to creat page hierarchies for navigation)
  • Better meta data handling for search engine optimisation
And more besides

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