Thursday, 11 February 2010

IBM WCM 6.x - How to reset syndication

If you are having issues with WCM syndication you may need to reset the connection. The best way to do this is as follows:
  • Stop authors updating content
  • Stop syndication
  • Ensure that no pre-rendering or other WCM maintenance tasks are being done.
  • Delete the WCM syndicator and WCM subscriber defintions on the respective machines
  • Reset the WCM event log on syndicator and subscriber by running the ConfigEngine with wcm-reset-event-log (linux)
ConfigEngine wcm-reset-event-log (windows)
  • remove the subscriber cache by going to the subscriber and removing all directories under:


(This folder is used by the syndicator to store content items retrieved from the subscriber prior to being saved to the JCR. If you look at this folder during a syndication, you will see it fill with files as they are being retrieved by the subscriber. You will also see this folder start to empty as items are moved from this temporay location and stored in the JCR

  • Lastly re-create syndicator and subscriber

Other things you may want to check
  • Make sure you have the latest fix pack
If your syndicator or subscriber is clustered then also:
  • Ensure that you have load balancer names/addresses + ports defined in, syndicators and subscribers.
  • Ensure that you have disabled syndicator and subscriber cache using cachespec.xml
  • Ensure that Data Replication Services is enabled for the cluster.

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