Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Upgrading Portal on ubuntu 9.04 64 bit

I have been running my laptop with ubuntu 9.04 for some months now and am quite a fan. I do occassionaly get a hang when coming out of suspend but I can live with that. Another thing I decided to do was switch off Compiz Fusion (i.e. set visual effects to none) - principally because I didn't like the delay when maximising and restoring apps.
Since I run the 64 bit version of ubuntu I often get issues - especially when the app was written for a 32 bit linux host.
I have to use IBM WCM for demonstration purposes so decided to run a native version. This was quite a challenge but eventually got it all working.
Now has come the time to update the system to the latest version.
Firstly I updated WAS from to
This was done by first downloading and installing the special 64 bit update installer for linux:


This was unzipped into the "/update" folder. Running the ./UpdateInstaller/install.sh from the /update folder simply installs the update installer. Which I installed to /UpdateInstaller

Next to download the fixpack itself. Again this was a special 64 bit version:


This, I placed into "/fixes folder

I ran the wizard as root from the /UpdateInstaller folder with

This process works fine!

So now onto the Portal Update...

Firstly I downloaded the Universal Portal updater for Portal 6.1:


Which was then unzipped to


Next I downloaded the fix pack itself:


This was unzipped to /update/fixes

I then ran the Portal update installer from /update
with the command:


The system seemed to complain initially but then proceded to do the update correctly.

BEWARE - this process takes a considerable time!

Also, you must remember to run the ConfigEngine task update-wcm afterwards.
Lastly ensure you read the update instructions since there are additional lines needed in the the wcm service properties file.

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